Current D.Phil. students

  • Zhilin Zhang (2022-): Decentralised AI systems

  • G. Wang (2019-): Algorithmic kids

  • A. Ekambaranathan (2019-): Responsible design for children's app developers

Current UG students:

  • L. Sowden (2022-23)

Past M.Phil ( students:

  • X. Feng (2016): Privacy-Preserving Personal Information Environments

  • T. Zakrzewski (2017): Using Machine Learning to Predict Social Media Post Performance (jointly with Prof. Kanade, V.)

  • J. Sturgess(2017): A Capability-oriented Model to Evaluate Privacy Risk in Smart Home Ecosystems (jointly with Dr Nurse, J.)

  • J. Pavur, J (2018): Privacy-Sensitive Data Exfiltration Detection in Home Networks

  • M. Quinlan, M (2018): Connected Cars: What kind of data can we expect an OEM to collect?

  • A. Ekambaranathan (2019): Design choices of app developers for safeguarding children’s safety

  • E. Chaumat (2020): Explanations in automated hiring systems

Past UG students:

  • S. Saul (2021-22): Children, Well-Being, and Apps

  • D. Hillier (2021-22): Explainability and human robot dialogue

  • J. Rienecker (2020): Can explanations improve fairness in job recommendation systems

  • E. Farauanu (2020): Crowdsourcing Privacy Data for Android Apps

  • N. Natarajan (2020): Algorithmic Explanations