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I am an experienced academic researcher working on the interaction of human and AI systems. 

My current research focuses on investigating the impact of algorithmic systems on our everyday lives, especially for families and young children. For this, I take a human-centred approach, using a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods, to understand and design for users' needs and values. 

Currently, I lead the Oxford Child-Centred AI (OxCCAI) Design Lab. We explore a range of research challenges related to:

My research is funded by the KOALA project (EPSRC IAA/Oxford University COVID Rebuild) and the Ethical Web and Data Infrastructure project (Oxford Martin School). I work closely with children, families, innovators, and policymakers to understand the technological, societal, and regulatory challenges that we are facing, to inform national and international policymakers, technology designers, and families. 

I have been part of the IEEE P2089 Age Appropriate Digital Services Framework Working Group and the CDEI Online Safety Data Initiative Expert Group. I was included in the 100 Brilliant Women in AI and Ethics global initiative 2019-20, for promoting diversity and equality in this critical research area.

I regularly contributes to UK policy discussions in this space and offer consultancy for NGOs, government agencies and start-ups, promoting children's digital rights and designing for children. If you are interested to get in touch please email: jun.zhao[at]cs.ox.ac.uk. 


I have been very privileged to work with many talented young researchers (see current and past students) and be supported by colleagues in Oxford HCC (see HCC page). 

If you are interested to learn more about applying for D.Phil (PhD) in Oxford, please see the studentships page for further details.  Should you consider applying for a doctoral position in our group, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Google scholar has the most comprehensive list of my publications [Scholar]





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